Welcome to Ev.

Hey! I hope you are well and that you like the little stroll you are taking on my blog! If you are now on this page, you probably want to know more about me and my blog so let's go!

Who is behind Ev?

A french wanderlust girl named Eva Schumacher currently studying international business in Lille, full of positive energies and totally passionate.

I am passionate about fashion, I am completely crazy about the art of Haute Couture, I am drunk to discover the world through travels full of hapiness & madness, I have a joie de vivre that I want to share with all people I can meet, I always had a penchant for writing and a great sense of sharing ... A nice little mix to open a blog, isn't it?

About this blog

For the oldest, you have known Blue Lion & Co, the first name of this blog. I started blogging an afternoon of the end of July 2016 on a whim and here I am today: more attached than ever to this blog that allows me to share with you my favorites must-have, my good plans, my tips, my passion for fashion and haute-couture especially, etc! 

It's this notion of sharing that guides me in the first place. And it's mostly about writing on my keyboard what interests me, what can surely interest you that fills me with an immense joy.

I changed the name of my blog so that it can become Ev., a blog a little more pro and who reflects more myself. I didn't know where I went at first but a line has gradually been created and it is with a great pleasure today that I let you navigate leisurely and with joy in my universe!


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